Daily routine, exercise #1

On the 23th of June 2013 I decided to make a paper cube which measured 2cm. Since that date I make one cube every day. The cubes are made to the model of their predecessor, so small imperfections are slowly increasing. This project is still in progress (cube 1124 was made today) and will end when it is no longer possible to make a closed volume.

cube 1000



 first presentation in 2013, Art Attack (Hasselt)

From every 10th cube a double is made and measured.


The crops from the cubes are placed in a plastic bag.



The making of the cubes is filmed. I recently started uploading all the movies on Youtube ( https://goo.gl/FChN9Q)


ECI Cultuurfabriek, Roermond – March 2015


CC Hasselt – June 2015

During this exhibition only the last cube was displayed. The creating of the cube took place in the exhibition area. As always the creating was filmed. The sound of the recordings where stacked on top of each other and played back as background noise. This way the creating was echoed out during the whole exhibition.
The measurements/deviations of every cube made during the exhibition was written down in the log on the wall.


This is the first enlargement of a cube (nr 490).  This is a strange combination of a sculture and/or a plinth. The idea is to make an enlargement of every 100th cube.

 sculpture of cube 490 at studio
 sculpture of cube 490 (Vonk year exhibition)