Manual copy

Manual Copy part II is a minimal installation/action. At the base of this work is a drawing of a small circle that he has accidental created a few years ago. 
The goal of “manual copy” is to redraw this circle as accurately as possible on to a second page, without seeing the original. By stubbornly trying to recreate this circle it changes from an irrelevant “object” to a goal, an ideal. The copies are always made in the same manner, dual to this monotonous process of copying that resembles traditional craftsmanship or a meditative ritual takes quite a long time to make one manual copy. The copying only takes place during an exhibition, the first attempt to create a perfect copy at Ciap in 2014 ended with 318 ‘failed copies’. The failed copies are framed with underneath a machinal copy, through the thin paper you can see how good / bad the copy is. 
The framed “failed copies” are for sale at a reasonable price.

overview of the exhibition space  three “workstations”.


workstation 1, in the middle the manual copy, at the right the log and at the left empty paper for the log.
The manual copy is made here.


workstation 2: The manual copy is layer on a lightbox and compared with the original circle. The position on the paper, the size and shape of the manual copy  are measured and writing down in a log.


detail of the log.


workstation 3:  (from left to right) empty paper,  the imperfect manual copies, machinal copies of the original and some framed copies.


manual_ copy-CIAP-10
of manual copies


The framed copies consist of a machinal copy with on top a manual copy. Due to the thin paper you can see how good / bad the copy is. The framed copies are sold for 40€