Unintentional painting

I started this work a few months before the Paris attacks in 2015. It started with an irritation about the way mainstream media cover news. For example how big and small news often are treated in the same way.
The way I work: I select a colour based on the colours of an image that accompanied a news item. This colour is applied throughout the whole canvas. After the paint has dried the canvas in sanded with sandpaper. By doing this the colour is partly removed and  the canvas gets a slick surface.
 This process: / applying an new layer of paint / Dying / Sanding / is repeated several times. When I started this work I thought I would be creating monochromatic paintings. But as I was working a painting started to appear, a painting that was never intended. I approach this process as labour more then a creative process, so I don’t real can / try to direct the process. But I do decide the moment when it is “finished”.
Since I started this project, the news has changed a lot. With the Paris attacks and the following attacked the working gave some consolation/ relativization. Since the beginning of 2017  we are in the PostTruth-age, with a continues repetition of almost the same news monthly. Because of this project is on pause, or more correct continued at a very slow pace. 
The tittles of these works: Date of the first news / date of the last news (used In this painting)

27/09/2015 – 24/02/2017 (oil on wood, 40 x 30cm)



13/11/2015 – 12/01/2016 (oil on canvas, 24 x 18cm)