Desciption of the work:
This work was part of the Unnoticed art festival
The work was executed in the centre of Haarlem near the railway station in an old tunnel with old an dirty white tiles. The tunnel dates from the 1900’s had has decorated steal pillars painted in an industrial green paint.

Day one:
A4 papers are  glued on the wall with a overlaps. the first form created was around 3 by 2 meters looks a bite like a small billboard.  In total 8 forms where made 5 at the left side of the tunnel and 3 at the other side, the space in between the forms was around 5 meters. As the work progressed the forms became more rougher, but still had a billboard feel to them.

Day two:
The next day I went back ans started pealing of the papers, one by one. To do so they where sprayed with water, so the glue dissolved. The papers where dried and kept in boxes, with the intention to re-use them in an other work.

Note: There a no pictures or video of the work. This description is the only documentation.


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